AHCA Sale Entry & Ticket Order Form

Entry Deadline: November 10, 2023


IMPORTANT: New this year - All show entries must be entered with NWSS only at livestockentry.nationalwestern.com. No show entries to AHCA. All exhibitors must submit the AHCA Sale Entry & Ticket Order Form to enter the National Sale, pay AHCA Show and Jackpot Class fees, order banquet tickets, etc.

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You may also email stalling and/or tie-out requests to livestock@nationalwestern.com and info@highlandcattleusa.org

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Order Form

AHCA Show and Jackpot Group fees need to be paid on this form even though no show entries are sent to AHCA (show entries to NWSS only). Form may be submitted online multiple times for additional sale entries.

AHCA Show Fee$40 per head
Jackpot Group Class$20 per entry
AHCA Sale Fee - Live Lot$250 per entry
AHCA Sale Fee - Semen/Embryo/Flush Lot$100 per entry
Carcass Contest$60 per head
Entry Badge - Attendees only, cattle exhibitors order from NWSS$25 per person
Awards Banquet - Adult, price will reflect $10/person increase after 1/1/24$87 per person
Awards Banquet - Child (12 & under), price will reflect $10/person increase after 1/1/24$42 per person
PRCA Rodeo$50 per person
Show Catalog - Business Card Ad$25 each
Show Catalog - Half Page Ad$100 each
Show Catalog - Full Page Ad$200 each
Sale Catalog - Business Card Ad (sale consignors only)$25 each
Sale Catalog - Half Page Ad (sale consignors only)$100 each
Sale Catalog - Full Page Ad (sale consignors only)$200 each

Full payment will be due during checkout with this form. All other fees paid directly to NWSS at livestockentry.nationalwestern.com

Please ensure you have entered all required fields in the Owner Information section of this form before proceeding to checkout.