Registered Dun & Red Bulls – LCT Farms, Wilson, MI

LCT Thor : Reg. No. 58888: 5/28/2017 
Thor has been an easy keeper around the farm.  His personality is easy to work with and he manages his cows well with no issues.  Calves have all been easy starters and he’s interacted with them without issue.  Additional photos or video can be arranged.

CRW Shaggy: Reg. No. 56482: 5/10/2015
Shaggy has been a welcomed addition to the farm and has managed his fold well.  If there’s a question of a cow in heat, he’ll let you know.  It’s easy to see what Shaggy can pass on and his length has been a common trait to his calves. Additional photos or video can be arranged. 

Travis Proksch
LCT Farms
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