Bulls in Every Color – Edgewood Stock Farm, Lewisburg, WV

Bulls in Every Color!

Edgewood Stock Farm has the bull for your needs!  We are located at 15453  Seneca Trail North, Lewisburg, WV 24901.  Please contact Emily A. Arbuckle at emilyaarbuckle@yahoo.com   or  call or text  304.661.3533  for more information.  Parents are able to be seen at farm for bulls sired by ESF McLaughlin and additional pictures of bulls and parents can be provided.  All bulls are calm and easily handled.



NAME:      ESF Ceit's TopNotch Carnoustie

COLOR:    White

REG #:      65,258

DOB:         9/29/2022

SIRE:         Ruger of Mapleview     26,594

DAM:         ESF Ceit                        57,491


Capture the genetics of Ruger of Mapleview with this fast growing bull.  A gorgeous white bull, beautiful face, VERY interested in what's happening around him, Carnoustie is an awesome young bull who will POSITIVELY grow out to be an attraction in your pasture, as well as, a strong sire for your calves!  



NAME:      ESF Beth's Bowdark Swain

COLOR:    Yellow

REG #:      65,044

DOB:         4/22/2022

SIRE:        ESF McLaughlin         53,666

DAM:        ESF Scarlett's Beth     52,005


The definition of the shaggy coo!  Bowdark is from our gentle Beth, a cow who has given us years of great calves, and our herd bull.  He is laid back, not jumpy, and is a real joy to handle.  Bowdark has consistently kept his weight on, has a generous shaggy coat, and a white blonde highlight on his tail head.



NAME:      ESF Guss

COLOR:    Red

REG #:      64,067

DOB:         9/26/2021

SIRE:        EZ Acres Kyle            22,471

DAM:        SM Ellowyn                57,952


Looking for a smaller framed bull?  Guss is a character!

This going-on-two-year-old bull marches to his own beat and has an inquisitive nature.  He boasts beautiful highlights on his tail, shaggy mane, and dossan. He is growing out to be more long and lean than thick and bulky.



NAME:       ESF Spook's Maximus "Valor"

COLOR:     Dun

REG #:       65,259

DOB:         10/11/2022

SIRE:         Ruger of Mapleview     26,594 

DAM:         WWH Spook                  55,076


Each year Spook consistently gives us attractive, calm, vigorous bulls and our expectations for "Valor" are high.  He super laid back and easily worked with. Grab this young bull up now, watch him grow out, and add color opportunities to your herd!