Sullivan’s Steel Cadillac Blocking/Grooming Chute – American Highlands Ranch, Fort Collins, CO

Sullivan's Cadillac Show Grooming Chute, 7' Long, 6' Tall, 2.5' Wide, Lift Handles On One End, Wheels On The Other End

Sullivan’s Steel Cadillac Blocking/Grooming Chute

Portable enough for shows, can be set up or taken down in minutes.
2 inch square tubing. Solid steel construction.
Head tie yoke angles up to allow for more head room and features three tie-loops for many tying options.
Sullivan's exclusive head gate features a handle that does not stick out past the side chute. Simple one hand operation.
Round spring loaded side bars for the safety of your animal. Spring loaded side bars can go up, down or sideways.
Handles in back make it easy to move. Like new. Will throw in side mat as well. Call Chris at American Highlands Ranch for Pics and price. 719 510 1102.