Gryphon Ranch LLC – Gryphon Epsilon Rampion (PV,D) #65526

Calved 11/22/22

Silver tested Dh/Dh ED/e  Myostatin nt821 N/N

Sire:  Apple’s Acres’ Evan (AI, D) 56192 Dun bull 49” tall  (son of GOF Ralph – Impact Bull)

Dam:  Gryphon Ranch Epsilon (D) 52777* Impact Dam, White, 45.5” tall

Rampion is moderate sized and has a wonderful temperament.  He made his debut show appearance at the National Western in 2024.  He has a wonderful combination of Cape St Mary and GOF genetics.  Semen is stored in Colorado.

Contact:  Carol Ptak 253 279 3291