Registered Red & Black Bulls – Holy Cross Ranch, Wheatland, WY

We are in the process of rotating bulls & are presenting 2 outstanding well-bred bulls for your consideration. Let the bloodlines speak for themselves as you look at the powerful sought after breeding & genetics that will add a strong foundation to your Highland program that you will be proud to own. 

Trafalgar Dimitri 15 (ET) Reg #55086
Sire: CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack
Dam: EZ Acres Pauline
BD: 7/6/15
Color: Red-brindle
From the well planned Trafalgar breeding program, comes Dimitri, who just turned 6 with plenty of breeding years left, he covers his cows 100% and produces quality calves that have placed well at the NWSS. He was shown in 2017 at the NWSS and placed 1st in his class and Champion in his division. He is easy-going, halter trained, well maintained on just pasture and hay in the winter.

Holy Cross Iron Jack Reg #60730
Sire: Trafalgar Dimitri 15 (ET)
Dam: SFF Lenten Rose
BD: 12/04/19
Color: Black
This up and coming 2 yr old bull brings forth the Trafalgar breeding and inputs Flatheads, Black Watch, Skye High, Five Star Farms, to name a few. With a great disposition, beautiful black color, halter broke and is looking great on just pasture and still on the grow, he is going to excel for you in your breeding program.   

Larry & Christine Alexander
Holy Cross Ranch
Wheatland, WY