Easy Online Registration Steps

Steps to Easy Registration/Transfer Online OR Completing Multiple Registration Application-Herd Inventory-Calving Worksheet Online

  1. Contact AHCA to receive a password and place a Visa/MC/Discover number, expiration date and 3 digit security code on file (all credit card information is secure and not stored on computers).You will also want to get your member ID number.
  2. Click here to open the sign on page and start the online registration process. You will need to change your password the first time you use it and put it in a safe place.
  3. If you’ve forgotten your member ID, go to Herdbook Search, Member Inquiry then type in your name or farm name and click search.
  4. In the Authorization Required screen, type in your member ID and password, click signon. As a reminder, you will need to change your password the first time you use it and put it in a safe place. You may change your password at anytime in this screen.
  5. Welcome to Highland Cattle Members Page. It gives a summary of items you can accomplish online including registering cattle and submitting data on unregistered animals.
  6. You can also change your address, add your homepage, etc. by clicking on modify my membership details in the top, left hand corner of the screen.
  7. To register online click Online Transactions then Create a New Batch.
  8. A comments box will be available for any short message to AHCA. Always list the year of birth in the comment box!
  9. Please keep heifers and bulls in separate batches; keep birth years in separate batches i.e. 1st batch - 2014 heifers, 2nd batch - 2014 bulls, 3rd batch - 2015 heifers, ect.
  10. Mark the circle next to Manually Add Records and Birth & Registration Application then click Create then Add. You are now in the birth and registration application screen. You can register cattle or submit data on unregistered animals here. This is the same as the calving worksheet but your data can be saved and completed at a later date. As mentioned above, please keep heifers and bulls in separate batches; keep birth years in separate batches.
  11. Fill in all applicable fields; you’ll receive an error message if you miss any. Do not use commas or # when entering registration numbers or weights. Only use capital letters when applicable. You can also transfer the animal in this screen. When your first animal is completed, click redisplay if errors otherwise move to next record. There is also the option to delete this record.
  12. Warnings are displayed in green; errors are displayed in red.
  13. Some green warnings may appear even when data is correct; leave those fields as is. However, if you have entered data wrong and receive a green warning(s), make corrections. If there are red errors, correct them (animals with red errors can’t be submitted). Click on redisplay if errors otherwise move to next record then view batch summary and batch submission screen.
  14. If there are no red errors, you can edit the animal just entered, add an additional animal(s) or complete the process by choosing view batch summary and batch submission screen.
  15. Under Batch Options, Edit Comments list any details AHCA should have. Always list the year of birth in the comment box! Other items to include: a) if the dam of the animal you are registering was exposed to more than one potential sire, list the first one in the applicable field (see #10 above) and the others here (registration name and number); or b) name(s), farm name and address of person you are transferring to if they are not an AHCA member. Be sure to include tranfer date mo/day/yr in comments box.
  16. Choose Submit the batch to Highland Cattle if you are ready for AHCA to process this data/batch; no data can be changed after batch is submitted. To submit data/batch at a later date, return to home. Your data has been saved and you can edit/add to/submit batch later.
  17. You must mail AHCA a Certificate of Embryo Recovery & Transfer for ET calves. Mail a breeding certificate if you are the original owner of the calf being registered but don’t own the sire (find on website at registration tab, printable forms, breeding certificate).
  18. You may print off your batch summary and confirmation (click view on submission notes/invoice). AHCA typically processes applications with no mistakes within 2-3 weeks. You will either receive certificates of registration or be contacted for corrections. If registering a bull or other animal requiring DNA typing, kits will be sent to the email address listed with your membership. Once you submit hair samples to the lab and AHCA receives the results (lab can take up to 3 weeks for processing – please plan ahead), the certificate of registration will be mailed to the owner along with DNA results.
  19. Weaning and yearling weights can be entered on previously registered or recorded cattle. Mark the circle next to Weight Entry, rather than Birth & Registration Application and fill in the applicable fields.