Registered Bull – Ryan Stewart, Middleton, ID

This is Archie, he has traditional Scottish Highland genetics.  He has the broad short head, bushy forelock, square shoulders, strong muscular neck, low wide hornset, short, strong legs and great confirmation. Hooves and feet look good. Archie has a great temperament, is easy on fences etc. He is not halter broke or part of a petting zoo. Easy 55# +/- birth. He’s healthy and happy. He’s red, but has some interesting brindle tendencies from his Bull.
I have Archie’s trich tested ready if he needs to move over state lines. We also had his semen tested, looks great. Here are stats below:
DOB: 09/10/2021
Name: Archibald Joseph Stewart (AI,D)
Color: Red
Breed: American Highland
Sex: Male (Bull)
Tatoo: Left Ear SWF5J
Semen Exam:
Collection Method: EE
Response: Erection, Protrusion, Ejaculation
Motility: Good
% Normal Cells: 89
% Primary Abnormalities: 0
% Secondary Abnormalities: 11
WBC, RBC, Other: 0
Scrotal Circumference: 32CM
Physical Exam: “Good”
I chose Voodo Magic Bull because of his outstanding girth and genetics. He is an incredible specimen, wins awards in shows and I just thought he would add great structure to a calf.
Name: BR Voodoo Magic
Registration # 51522
Name: SP Rosie
Registration # 57295
I’m open to trade for Heifer/Cow if genetics are in line with what I’m shooting for.
Ryan Stewart
Middleton Idaho
(208) 995-4498