Registered Bull – Star Oaks Farm, Janesville, WI

Are you looking to elevate your herd with exceptional Scottish genetics? Look no further! We proudly present SOF Puck, an outstanding Registered Scottish Highland Bull, ready to add strength, beauty, and quality bloodlines to your farm.

Prime Breeding Potential: As he matures into his prime, this Bull displays remarkable conformation and impressive musculature, indicating his potential.

Beyond his impressive physical attributes, he is an easy handling bull. Whether you're an experienced breeder or a newcomer to Highland cattle, his easy-going disposition makes handling and managing him a breeze.

Embrace the Tradition, Beauty, and Excellence of Scottish Highland Cattle!

SOF Puck (D) (Red)
Calved: 06/26/2019
Reg No. 61835

Sire: YRF Scotty (Silver)
Red No. 51620

Dam: HRH Brandy (Red)
Reg No. 52609

Star Oaks Farm
Janesville, Wisconsin
Greg Pennycook