Registered Red Bull – Wild Mountain Ranch, Conifer, CO

CSF Rutherford # 56761
He has great confirmation and a superb temperament which we were prioritizing for our ranch.  I have 3 little kids, and Rutherford is a gentle giant.  Once you develop a relationship with him, you can even sit with him or even ON him.  He's incredibly calm, doesn't test fences, and is easy to work with.  He walks to the chute willingly without a halter because we positively reinforce the experience with cow cubes.
He has produced show calves, new breeding stock and beef calves.  We have a direct-to-consumer beef operation, so we appreciated his well-muscled build for beef production as well. (And we sell out of our beef fast.)  
We give tours weekly, and Rutherford consistently steals the show.  He takes cow cubes from our tour guests through a fence, and everyone is always impressed.  Selling him has not been an easy choice for us.
Location: Conifer, CO
Contact number: 512-294-9351
Brittyne Lewis