Highland Genetics – WL Genesis (ET,D) #59067

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WL Genesis #59067

The son of Angus the 8th of Dunvegan, imported from Scotland, Angus was an extremely long bull who was a great representative of Scottish character. Genesis’ dam is Black Watch Portia, a fancy silver cow that was shown extensively, Genesis was 70 lbs. at birth, 725 lbs. at one year old, 1,145 lbs. at two years old and currently weighs 1,560 at 34 months. This is on a grass-fed beef producing operation; not a show fed bull. His mature weight will be approximately 1800-1900 lbs. His 2020 calf birth weight averages were 67 lbs. His calves are extremely square with good feet and legs and tons of Scottish character. Extremely docile, he scores a 1 on the docility scale (1 is the top ranking). Silver is almost impossible to find, and even harder to find in this quality of an animal.  Owned and collected by Windland Flats.  Learn more and buy semen at HighlandGenetics.com.