AHCA History

Although records on Highland cattle first brought to this country from Scotland are rather obscure, due to the fact that there was no registry for them, we know there were small importations, made from time to time. Highland cattle may have been brought to the east coast states in the 1920s.

The earliest importation on record was made by SF Biddle, consisting of three carloads of heifers and bulls. They were unloaded at Moorcroft, Wyoming and trailed to the Powder River. Another importation was made by Walter Hill, into Montana, and it is descendants of this importation that have played an important part in our present day cattle. The first four bulls and forty-five cows in the U.S. registry are made up of these cattle and were registered by Baxter Berry of Belvidere, South Dakota.


Breed History

The Highland breed has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. The extremely harsh conditions created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed.

Originally there were two distinct classes; the slightly smaller and usually black Kyloe, whose primary domain was the islands off the west coast of northern Scotland. The other was a larger animal, generally reddish in color, whose territory was the remote Highlands of Scotland. Today both of these strains are regarded as one breed – Highland. In addition to red and black, yellow, dun, white, brindle and silver are also considered traditional colors.


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