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*New from Scotland

Prices subject to change without notice.

*Hand Painted Heilan Coo Brooch$22.00
*Highland Tie – Navy$25.00
*Highland Tie – Green$25.00
*Highland Tie – Maroon$25.00
*Key Chain/Zipper Pull$10.00
*Red Jute Bag$10.00
*Set of Two Wooden Pencils$8.00
2015 Calendar$20.00
AHCA Logo Hat$20.00
Bagpipe Subscription$30.00
Bagpipe Subscription - Overseas$40.00
Breed Brochure (n/c postage)$0
Five Generation Pedigree Pad$10.00
Head & Shoulders Hat$24.00
Herd Book: 1984 $8.00
Herd Book: 1985$8.00
Herd Book: 1986$8.00
Herd Book: 1987$8.00
Herd Book: 1988$8.00
Herd Book: 1989$8.00
Herd Book: 1990$8.00
Herd Book: 1991$8.00
Herd Book: 1992$8.00
Herd Book: 1993$8.00
Herd Book: 1994$8.00
Herd Book: 1995$8.00
Herd Book: 1996$8.00
Herd Book: 1997$8.00
Herd Book: 1998/1999$12.00
Herd Book: 2000/2001/2002$16.00
Herd Book: No. 2 (6,001 thru 12,700)$15.00
Herd Book: No. 3 (12,701 thru 16,518)$20.00
Highland Cattle Galore book$20.00
Highland Flag – 3’x5’$65.00
Large Truck Decal$18.00
Member Decal$2.00
Mouse Pad$18.00
Pink Registration Pad$6.00
QHB 3" Labels 2 labels/ sheet $.50
QHB Brochure$0.30
QHB Poster$12.00
Travel Mug$14.00
West Highland Cattle: The Grand Olde Breed Book$20.00
Yellow Transfer Pad$6.00

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