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Junior Membership Application

AHCAj Cattleman Award

Finding, selecting and caring for a new animal can be challenging and requires forethought and planning to ensure that both you and your new Highland are kept safe and are well provided for. Please explain (in 1500 words or less) what your goals for this animal are and why you are the best candidate for this award.

deadline: April 1, 2017
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AHCAj Futurity

The AHCAj Futurity is in its fifth year and a wonderful opportunity for junior members. The program encourages and rewards youth in the selection, purchase and promotion of breeding heifers acquired through the National Sale. 

Any AHCA junior who purchases a breeding heifer at the National Sale this year will have the opportunity to be rewarded up to $1000 the following year in Denver.

  • The heifer purchased at the AHCA National Sale must be purchased in the junior’s name and remain in that junior’s ownership without interruption throughout the year and be shown at the 2019 National Show in Denver by the junior owner.
  • The animal may not be sold to another junior at any time throughout the year or the junior will be not eligible for the Futurity award.
  • The junior will be entitled to the cash award by placing Champion or Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer in the Junior Show or by placing Champion or Reserve Champion in their division in the Open Show at the 2019 National Show with the purchased heifer. Only one award per heifer.
  • The junior owner must physically show the heifer in order to qualify for the Futurity award.
  • The Futurity is not applicable for junior showmanship.
  • Futurity premiums will pay out a maximum total of $2000 for qualified enrolled juniors who purchased heifers at the National Sale in Denver the prior year. Premiums shall not exceed $1000 per junior and shall be prorated if there are multiple qualified juniors. 
  • AHCAj membership forms will be available at the National Sale. Junior purchaser must be enrolled as an AHCAj within five business days of the end of the National Sale to be eligible. Online bidders are encouraged to submit enrollments via email to the AHCA office info@highlandcattleusa.org prior to the end of the sale or within five business days of the National Sale to be eligible for the 2019 Futurity award. The Futurity enrollment form is below or can be picked up at the National Sale.

Click here for the Futurity Enrollment Form.

Junior Highland Allegiance Award

The Junior Highland Allegiance Award is presented to an outstanding junior in the American Highland Cattle Association junior membership. This is an annual award and presented yearly at the National Convention.

The sole purpose of the Junior Highland Allegiance Award is to acknowledge AHCA juniors who have gone above and beyond to represent the Highland cattle breed. This award symbolizes their dedication and perseverance in promoting and educating the public about Highland cattle, participation in public venues, research projects and overall participation in the AHCA junior membership.

The creation of this award was not to give another “trophy” to our youth but to encourage others to participate in a way that is constructive and positive to the influence of the Highland breed. Please submit your recommendations to your regional association’s president or any AHCA board member who will forward it to the AHCA National Junior Committee. The recipient will be chosen by the National Junior Committee.

deadline: April 1, 2017
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Highland Cattle Foundation Memorial Junior Scholarship

The Highland Cattle Foundation Memorial Junior Scholarship is a minimum of one $1500 scholarship and can be used towards any college expenses (tuition or books).  The selection process is blind. The only requirements are that your application be completed in full, is postmarked no later than April 1, 2017 and you are an AHCA junior member who is currently in your senior year of high school or who is attending college and not over 21 years of age. If you have not yet graduated, entered college, etc. these questions should be answered with your tentative plans in mind. You may only be awarded the scholarship once.

deadline: April 1, 2017
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